Estate Planning and Probate Services

Our law firm provides assistance with a broad range of estate planning needs, including:

A will, which provides direction for the distribution of assets after you pass, is often one part of a broader estate plan. Depending on your needs, we can draft simple or complex wills.

Revocable trusts
Also called a living trust, a revocable trust can be an effective way to avoid probate. We can help you establish a trust that sets rules for managing your assets while you are alive and create a plan to distribute them when you are gone.

Powers of attorney
These documents allow a trusted person to make decisions about your property in the event you become unable to. We assist with powers of attorney for businesses, personal property and health care.

Advance directives and living wills
These documents state the kind and extent of health care you want to receive at the end of your life. Without creating documents that explain your wishes and designate a trusted person to carry them out, these matters may be placed in the hands of someone who does not know what you desire.

Whether your needs are simple or complex, we can help you establish a plan that protects you, your property and your family in the future.

Probate Services:

Our guidance for New Hampshire and Vermont families and individuals continues after we have helped establish a proper estate plan. We provide representation for the complicated processes of probate and estate administration. After the death of a loved one or another person for whom you have been appointed a representative, we can help you account for assets and liabilities and properly distribute assets. We will advise you on potential tax consequences and help you ensure that state and federal laws are met.

If you need advice on creating an estate plan or representation during probate, contact our law firm today.